Welcome to Recovery Infused Yoga


Respect+ Integrity = You

Community Centered 


We are a non-profit organization that provides recovery-focused meetings which incorporate the principles and practice of yoga and meditation to facilitate greater connectivity to ourselves and one another in community.  

Our Mission: provide free and affordable yoga to people recovering from drugs, alcohol and a wide variety of ailments.

Our Vision: compliment the efforts of local recovery organizations by exposing clients to the holistic benefits of yoga, with the aim of reducing relapse and the extensive costs associated with addiction.


Recovery Infused Yoga (RIY) is a peer-to-peer class created to support a positive perception of yourself and others. We dissolve tunnel vision, override negative thoughts, build self-respect and confidence, and become balanced together.

Recovery Infused Yoga is a registered 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization  any and all donation proceeds have a direct benefit to the community.  Thank you!

"Healing... one breath at a time"