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Class options

If you're looking for a class to join, below are our current class offerings.

Wondering "Why Yoga?" ⬅ Click Here

Healing one Breath at a time!

Zoom and In-person 

Recovery Infused Yoga offers in-person and zoom classes

Group Class price - please email 

Individual Yoga offered - 

Open To All

Our class is open to anyone who wants to practice yoga and/or receive support in recovery.

Kent County 61st District Court

Participation is covered for only 61st District Court clients who are in Drug Treatment Court or Sobriety Court.

Open To All

Approved For

61st District Court Sobriety Court and Drug Treatment Court Participants


Healing One Breath at a Time!


The rest is up for you to create! 

More will be revealed! 

"Namaste, May we all stay sober in our own way!"


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Adding additional classes:

We are interested in expanding our class offerings and helping more people.

Host Partnership: If you'd like to partner with Recovery Infused Yoga and add a class to your organization, please contact

Class Sponsorship: If you'd like to partner with Recovery Infused Yoga and sponsor a class, please contact

Thank You!

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